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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

KUMC History

The Knightdale United Methodist Church was organized on July 29, 1917. Early in 1917, E.E. Paschall, acting though Rev. L.E. Sawyer - Pastor of Oakey Grove Methodist Church located at Shotwell, purchased the site on which the old church facility was located from Mrs. Bettie R. Knight, Guardian. The organizational meeting was held in the Knightdale School Building, which was where the C.L. Robertson home now stands. The first group consisted of Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Allen, Mrs. N.G. House, Mrs. Jeanette Lewis, Richard Hodge, Lucile Allen, L.W. Allen and L.A. Doub.

In 1918, Rev. J.C. Williams was assigned to the Millbrook Circuit and in the summer of that year, held a revival at Knightdale, assisted by Brother Russell. The Baptist Church very graciously gave us use of their church. At this time, several were added to the church, some by profession of faith and others by transfer from other Methodist churches. They were C.W. Smith, Mrs. C.A. Sallinger, J.R. Clark and N.W. Clark.

In the latter part of 1918, work was begun on the church building. Mr. A.R. Hodge and Mr. L.L. Allen cut logs and had lumber sawed and soon construction was begun. A carpenter was employed to frame, weatherboard and cover the building but much of the other work was done by the members.

The first services were held in the new church in 1919. For many years, preaching services were held only once a month with the pastor living in Millbrook. However, Sunday School was held each Sunday. First in the morning and then in the afternoon. Several years later, four Sunday School classes were added to the original building.

In 1954, a new charge, Knightdale-Ebenezer was formed when Rev. Harold Leatherman was appointed pastor. In 1956, Knightdale and Ebenezer each became a separate charge. Rev. Leatherman was assigned to Ebenezer and Rev. J.D. Scott was appointed to Knightdale.

The church building of 1919 and the addition served the people well. The last service held in this building was on May 16, 1948 and the demolition began on May 20. Construction of the next building was begun shortly thereafter and the first service in the new building was on May 22, 1949. Later six Sunday School rooms were added. About 1949, Oakey Grove Methodist Church was closed and its remaining members were transferred to Knightdale.

 In 1967, a study was made regarding an addition to the sanctuary and Sunday School facility locatd at 621 N. First Ave.  Consideration was given to building a building which would consist of a parlor, office space and some additional classrooms.  An architect, Mr. Walter Burgess, agreed to give an opinion regarding the addition at no cost to the church.  The cost estimate was greater than the church felt that it could afford.  Interest grew in building a parsonage which would be more adequate for the pastors' families.  The new parsonage was located in Knightdale Estates on a lot purchased from Mr. Henry Knight.  The parsonage was completed in 1968 and The Reverend R. Bruce Pate was the first pastor to live in the parsonage since he moved to Knightdale Church in June 1968.  At a later time the former parsonage was renovated to provide additional space for meals and church school space.

Our vision is to become a church where every participant is growing in relationship with God and offering themselves through giving and serving in some way; where every participant is part of a small group for nurture and growth; where every participant is involved in reaching out to build relationships with people who need Christ's love.

Knightdale United Methodist Church (KUMC) is a community of faith thankful for its rich history and bright future in mission and ministry. In the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, Methodism in Eastern Wake County included a congregation known as Oakey Grove Methodist Church which met in a small white frame structure that still stands today in the community of Shotwell. As the town of Knightdale incorporated and grew, the rural congregation noticed a need for a new church among the growing population there. The First Ave. building was erected in the 1940s.


True to its roots, KUMC is still a "church on the move." KUMC has moved to a new facility on a 10 acre site at the corner of Forestville and Old Crews Roads, on the North side of Knightdale. Recent growth in the church and community created a demand for more adequate space for the varied ministries KUMC seeks to share with the community.  Already in the future are plans for additional building phases for this location.  Future plans include a youth and music wing, another educational wing for additional space for the children, and a dedicated sanctuary.   By the grace of God, the congregation looks forward to continued growth and expanding ministries.

 Pastorial History 

1917 - 1922 L.E. Sawyer
1922 - 1923 M.G. Ervin
1924 - 1927 S.J. Starnes
1927 - 1931 W.F. Elliott
1931 - 1933 T.B. Hough
1933 - 1936 L.B. Pattishall
1936 - 1938 H.A. Chester
1938 - 1942 M.M. Walters
1942 - 1946 H.B. Baum
1946 - 1947 H.L. Harris
1947 - 1949 H.H. Cash
1949 - 1953 M.W. Warren
1953 - 1955 H. Leatherman
1955 - 1956
J.D. Stott
1956 - 1958 A.N. Gore, Jr.
1958 - 1959 W.E. Worley
1959 - 1961 R.W. Harrington
1961 - 1962 M.T. Mann
1962 - 1964 W.I. Jackson
1964 - 1968 K.L. Braswell
1968 - 1971 R.B. Pate
1971 - 1972 J.R. Oliver
1972 - 1974 W.M. Wells
1974 - 1978 R.F. Lewis
1978 - 1981 H.R. Warren
1981 - 1984 R.P. Tyson
1984 - 1987 J.K. Bostic
1987 - 1991 W.W. Snotherly
1991 - 1995 C.A. Wall
1995 - 1999 R.P. Wilkerson
1999 - 2001 S.Z. Graves
2001 - 2010 J.H. Wilson
2010 - 2016  B.C. Seifert
2016 - 2021
D.P. Haley                

 2021 - Present        S.P. Murphy